The following are some examples of psychological conditions and effective treatment options. Lynn Heselton, MSN is familiar with many other psychological conditions and counseling treatments.

Grief  is the experience of sadness and longing for a loved one. Grief is a universal experience that everyone goes through. Revisioning is a revolutionary treatment that can resolve intense sadness and suffering in as little as one treatment session. How is this possible? The Mirror Neurons of the Brain are the "connecting" neurons that become "broken"  during grief.  Revisioning is a revolutionary treatment that heals grief through the Mirror Neuron Network. This is an effective treatment for even the most complex forms of grief. Complex or unresolved grief often is a combination of  a traumatic experience and grief. Revisioning can resolve both trauma and grief.

Typical Results with Revisioning for Grief include: increased feelings of calmness, peace instead of distress, ability to remember positive memories of your loved one, feeling comforted by thoughts of your loved one, ability to look at photos without intense sadness, ability to look at and touch belongings of your loved one without distress, ability to regain "lost" self identity and coping ability, increased self-confidence, decreased self-blame, decreased or elimination of suicidal thoughts.

Trauma (including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  (PTSD)    Some common examples of trauma include a history of physical, sexual or emotional abuse as a child, experiencing life threatening events such as physical assault, rape, natural disasters, severe weather destruction, accidents, injuries, rushing a loved one to the Emergency Department or ICU. 

Two effective forms of treatment are available: 1. A trauma-focused treatment called EMDR   2. An ego-repair treatment called Revisioning.

 1.  EMDR  (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) can permanently decrease emotional distress,  intrusive thoughts, images, and nightmares about an upsetting life experience. EMDR  can decrease your level of fear and sadness while you discuss an upsetting memory.  Lynn Heselton, MSN was trained by Dr Francine Shapiro when EMDR was first introduced nationwide in the 1990s. EMDR is an internationally recognized and recommended treatment for resolution of PTSD and related conditions.

2 . Revisioning is a rapid ego-repair method that can resolve years of trauma in sometimes as little as one treatment session. This treatment does not focus on the trauma as does EMDR but instead focuses on repairing the ego damage caused by the trauma. This is a broader and more comprehensive treatment method to resolve distress after a trauma. Typical results include a resolution of panic attacks, flashbacks, nightmares. Additional results that are unique to Revisioning include a restoration of positive, "forgotten" memories. This is an ego-strengthening method that not only restores your strong, pre-trauma self but also enhances the positive growth and learning from the trauma. Negative memories in the form of flashbacks and nightmares are no longer distressing and instead positive memories and positive dreams are more prominent. Distressing nightmares are replaced with positive dreams. Self blame and feelings of being wounded from the trauma are replaced with self-confidence and personal growth. Shame and withdrawal from people is replaced with connection. How is the possible? The Mirror Neuron Network (MNN)  becomes "broken" during trauma and the ego becomes damaged. Revisioning can repair the MNN and repair the damaged ego state which resolves the negative impact of the trauma.

Personality Disorders  I have experience treating many Personality Disorders including Borderline Personality Disorder.  I have led Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Groups. Revisioning can correct the young childhood experience of not being able to emotionally connect to a parent due to trauma, abuse, divorce, illness or death which fuels this difficulty coping.  If you are suffering from intense anxiety with separation from others, difficulty with relationships, impulsive behavior, and difficulty being able to self comfort then Revisioning can help you recover.

Dissociative Disorders Dissociative Disorders are common with people who have witnessed or experienced trauma or neglect.  Dissociation is an internal separation of ego states and can be resolved with therapy. Read story to learn more about dissociation.  I offer a new treatment for dissociation and Dissociative Identity Disorder called Revisioning which can help you recover much faster than traditional therapy.