What is PTSD?

Dr. Lynn Heselton, PsyD

1/27/20231 min read

PTSD is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This can help treat PTSD:

  1. Avoid reminders of the upsetting event. Yes, I know this can be hard. We don’t live in a cave. We are surrounded by non-stop information from many sources. TV, social media, cell phone, family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. However, we can create a safer personal bubble for ourselves. Try to avoid social media posts about similar upsetting events. Walk out of movies during scenes that remind you of the upsetting experience. Change the channel on your TV. Re-direct the topic of the conversation. Give yourself permission to avoid re-traumatizing your self.

  2. Focus your attention on your goals for the day. Write out a to-do list when you wake up. Check your calendar and notice the current year, month and day. Think about what you want to accomplish this afternoon or evening. Focusing your attention on living in the present and in the near future pulls your mind out of re-living the past.

  3. Reach out to a professional to emotionally resolve your past. It’s upsetting enough that you went through this. You don’t have to re-live it every day. You have the choice now to heal. You can get better and resolve pain from the past. You deserve to have an amazing future.