All That is Lost can be Found: A Fairy Tale

Posted on August 26, 2018 at 4:05 PM


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All That is Lost Can Be Found by Lynn Heselton is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

This is a Fairy Tale written for people with both a Dissociative Identity Disorder and Developmental Trauma Disorder. I hope that this story will help you understand your symptoms and how psychotherapy can help you. 

Long ago during the Dark Ages, in a faraway land, a princess was born in a castle high on a mountain that was surrounded by the sea. The princess was named Hope for she was fair, strong, pure of heart and destined for greatness. The kingdom rejoiced that Hope had arrived and gave her the gift of a necklace with a heart-shaped golden locket. This locket held the glow of the stars that shone down from the sky on the night she was born. Word of her birth spread quickly throughout the land.

One day, great darkness descended upon the kingdom. The Dragon Atrox; who was dark of heart and hideous to behold heard about the golden Locket of Light and wanted it for himself. Atrox disguised himself as a charming minstrel from a nearby kingdom and boldly walked through the main gate.

Unknowingly, the queen welcomed Atrox into the Great Hall and invited the minstrel to perform nightly during the ceremonies. After each performance, the minstrel snuck away to search for the princess and the Locket of Light. When Atrox found Hope’s room, he transformed back into a horrific and cruel Dragon. Hope believed Atrox would destroy her and she cried out in fear.

In the morning, Hope tried to tell the inhabitants of the castle about Atrox; who prowled the castle by night but they could not see the Dragon. No one believed the young child. She was alone and defenseless against Atrox.

Only one inhabitant of the kingdom knew that Princess Hope was in grave danger. The Blue Fairy; who could see for a great distance, saw that darkness had entered the castle. The Blue Fairy flew to Hope and said, “Atrox is a great evil which is more powerful than all of the magic in the kingdom. He is so powerful that I can not fight him. Atrox will stay disguised in this castle for many years to come. No one will understand the evil and chaos that he brings. No one is strong enough to force him out of the castle.”

The Blue Fairy promised, “I will use all of my powers to protect you and the Locket of Light. I will hide your Locket so well that even you will not remember where it is. Then I will shield you from Fear. This is the only way that I can save you from complete destruction.”

The Blue Fairy took the golden Locket of Light which held the glow from the stars and shattered it like glass into many shards of light. She took each particle of light and placed it inside a heavy vault and then hid each vault in a different room of the castle.

At the entrance to each room, she placed a guard. She selected the cleverest, most vigilant, and strongest of all of Hope’s personal assistants to stand watch day and night over the vaults.

The Blue Fairy gave each guard a different gift to shield the princess from Fear. The first guard was given a whistle which he blew whenever Atrox was near. This whistle was so loud that the princess no longer heard the terrifying roar. Sometimes the whistle was so piercing that she could not think clearly. The second guard was given a powerful fan that blew the fog from the sea and filled her chambers with impenetrable darkness and confusion. A third guard was given a long telescope pointed out the window so the princess could stare at exquisite shells on the edge of the ocean. A fourth guard was given a magical carpet which the princess used to float up to the ceiling. A fifth guard was given a dark storm cloud that drenched the princess whenever her skin became scorched from the flames of the dragon.

The guards prevented the Princess from hearing, thinking, seeing, and feeling Atrox’s cruelty and she was no longer in constant fear. In this way, Hope was enveloped in the invisible darkness and silence which would enable her to survive the torment and wrath of Atrox.

The Blue Fairy said, “dear sweet child, after what may be an eternity, Atrox will leave the castle. Long after his departure, you will not believe that he is gone. Every night there will be a fierce storm with strong winds and heavy rains blowing through the high turrets and forcing open the doors of the castle rooms. You will hear Atrox’s terrifying roar, see his dark scales in the shadows, and feel his sharp claws but it will only be the storm from the sea that is filling the castle with fear. You will be confused and afraid when you hear different, conflicting commands from the guards to protect you. Your physical senses, feelings, and thoughts will be frozen in time and unable to change. You will be blanketed by heavy dampness unable to see clearly in the present or fully remember your past.” The Blue Fairy warned the young child, “the inhabitants of this kingdom will treat you like an ordinary pauper because you will no longer glow with the light of the heavens. You will no longer trust others or be able to fully believe all that you hear, think, see, or feel. You will be in this state for many years. The Blue Fairy urged her to seek the Wizard. She explained, "the Wizard will help you find the Locket of Light. All that is lost can be found."

After many years, Hope found the Wizard. He said, "I will help you find your way out of this dark fog that is filling the castle. We will need the assistance of your oldest, kindest and wisest guard.” The oldest and wisest guard agreed to join them.  Hope, the wizard, and the wisest guard walked together out of the castle and into the forest. They went to a peaceful area in the woods and sat by a crystal clear lake. At the water's edge, the guard sat by the water and Hope could see his reflection. In his reflection, she could see the guard's inner kindness and wisdom and asked him to intervene. He summoned the other guards. One by one they walked over to Hope. Each of the guards embraced Hope because they loved her so much and had spent their entire lives trying to protect her. One by one, the guards sat down by the water's edge so that Hope could see their reflection. She was filled with awe. Their reflection opened the vaults, and the particles of light joined together to illuminate everything. She cried tears of joy. Her eyes were opened, and she could see clearly now. Her ears were opened, and she could hear clearly. Her mind was opened, and she remembered. She remembered that Atrox had left the castle long ago. She remembered how wonderful it was to be complete and filled with the light of the heavens. She reached out and placed the Locket of Light over her heart and knew that she would fulfill a great destiny.

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