Therapy With Lynn

Welcome to healing.


Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do you accept Insurance?
Answer: No. I am an out-of-network provider.
2. What is the cost per session (45-50 minutes)?
Answer: $150
3. Can I do longer sessions?
Answer: Yes. 1 and half session (75 min) $225 and double session (1 hour and 45 min) $300
4. What forms of payment do you accept?
Answer: Credit Cards, Health Savings Fund Cards, Check, Cash
5. How many sessions do I need?
Answer: Some people may only need one or a few treatment sessions. In general, if this problem began as an adult, treatment will be more rapid. If this problem began as a child, treatment may be much longer. During the first appointment, I am open to discussing your goals, estimated length of treatment, and treatment options.